T.R.A.S.H mini series “Self-Care”

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Episode 05

Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain

In Episode 05 we find ourselves taking the first steps on my personal journey of PTSD.  T.R.A.S.H being the acronym used to describe the stage, we find ourselves in the fourth stage. This stage is represented by the letter S and stands for Self-Care.

If you believe in a fresh new start, then this episode about PTSD is for you.  In this episode of understanding PTSD, I find myself in the stage of Self-Care.  When in the middle of PTSD a person has very little understanding about how to care for themselves.  Not to be misunderstood with having poor hygiene, but merely a lack of attention for one’s physical and mental heath.

In this stage of Self-Care, we also cialis 10mg look at how some of the doors in your mind are opened to give you a different perspective on old memories that I had hiding in the dark corner of my mind for many more years than I care to admit.

PTSD is a disorder that must be understood if you are to stand any chance against it at all.  In is at this stage that I began to see that there was more going on than I ever first imagined.

Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to check out our blog at www.ptsdbunkergearforyourbrain.com, as well as Facebook and Twitter page.  PTSD may be a worthy opponent but is no match for the title wave of information that is available to defeat it.


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