Episode 00- Welcome to my podcast

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Episode 00

Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain

Welcome to the intro podcast for PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain.  I feel I must be straight with you right out of the gates.  What makes PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain such an interesting podcast is that up till 11 or so months ago, I did not believe that PTSD existed in emergency responders.  The biggest lesson you will learn on this podcast is that PTSD is an ingenious and misunderstood disorder affecting many.  In this intro episode we take a few moments to get to know myself (Carl Waggett), and what it is that drove me to learn what these podcast things were.  For the simple reason, I felt I had information that anyone with PTSD needs to hear.  PTSD affects a lot more emergency workers than we would all like to admit. But instead of stating the obvious, PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain would like to show buy nolvadex cheap that PTSD is a more winnable battle then one may think.  We will be looking at different subjects such as warning signs, panic attacks, insomnia, mental health in general, as well as any other symptoms that PTSD brings to the table.  You will learn that the disorder of PTSD is not a permanent disorder that is an un-winnable battle.


After the loss of a good friend and co-worker to PTSD, I found my life in a tailspin of epic proportions, resulting in me removing myself from the front line fire trucks. The sole reason I have for making this podcast is to inform people that there is a vast amount of information on this subject geared towards those suffering from PTSD.


Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to check out our blog at www.ptsdbunkergearforyourbrain.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter page.  PTSD may be a worthy opponent but is no match for the title wave of information that is available to defeat it.


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